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iLogistics USA we operate and manage premium-level warehousing facilities, and offer turnkey solutions to facilitate a powerful supply and distribution chain for our customers’ businesses. What’s more, our facilities are designed to facilitate cross docking procedures. We have large staging areas and access to proper equipment to make cross docking a seamless process.

When you work with us, you are guaranteed accurate and timely delivery of your products. Since our inception, we have been working with many customers by receiving their international shipping containers, staging their goods, re-crating them, and shipping the merchandise to the final customer.
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Services - Retail Fulfillment
Also for those who do not have inventory and only need to change the packaging and have i Logistics USA make the shipment, remembering that many platforms require shipments from the same address. Our team is prepared to solve your solution as quickly as possible.

Inventory efficiency

Your merchandise or inventory is set to move directly from the receiving to shipping docks. No storage warehouses are needed for cross-docked items. This helps reduce the total system inventory in the supply chain.

Operational efficiency

Materials will be moving directly from the receiving docks to the staging areas or shipping docks. That’s why the materials do not have to be stored at the warehouse. This increases the overall efficiency of warehouse operations.

Here are some of the industries we serve when it comes to cross docking. There are those of ecommerce, retail or wholesale scale:

  • Amazon Return loading/unloading.
  • Amazon Shipping Label loading/unloading.
  • eBay Dropshipping loading/unloading.
  • Outdoor Equipment loading/unloading.
  • Mattresses loading/unloading.
  • As Seen on TV loading/unloading.
  • Surf & Paddleboards loading/unloading.

Allow us to show you the difference that we can make for your Cross Docking business.

Trusted by some pretty stellar brands:


“With iLogistics USA Inventory Placement Program, not only has transit time dropped, but we reduced fulfillment costs by over $3/order compared with our old 3PL. This combination has been key to profitable growth this year.”

Myriam Gutierrez Co-Founder of Super Kote 2000

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