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At iLogistics USA we work hard to be the labeling, packaging, and shipping heroes of the crowdfunding industry.

Have you ever wondered what happens after the crowdfunding projects are fully funded? Who gets the rewards to the backers’ hands?

You can try to do it yourself but you’ll need a ton of supplies, learn about shipping rates and taxes, and so much more. And if it goes wrong? It’ll be a shipping nightmare and no one wants to be there.

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Services - Retail Fulfillment
iLogistics USA Crowdfunding Fulfillment Specialties:

iLogistics USA are responsible for getting the rewards of crowdfunding projects into the hands of the people who funded them (the backers)

This means if you work with us, we’ll be in charge of getting all of your rewards safely into our facilities, process them, package them, and ship them out.

We’ll keep you updated on exactly what’s going on.

With crowdfunding, the product was already advertised during the campaign. By the time the project is fully funded, orders are already made, and the backers are waiting for their rewards.

The manufacturing of the rewards needs to have been already done so the fulfillment center can get them as soon as possible, package them, and ship them out quickly.

i Logistics USA are uniquely designed and equipped with the latest technologies to handle high volumes of products quickly.

Aside from speed, i Logistics USA also have experience in working with creative minds.

We won’t assume you already know how labeling and shipping work. We’ll work with you to pick the best packaging for your rewards, help you decide what the best shipping rates are, and make the overall processes as simple and painless for you as possible.

We’ll handle returns and exchanges and troubleshoot any shipping problems. Considering how unpredictable shipping can be sometimes, this is a lifesaver.

Last but not least, we offer storage space. You won’t have to go find and pay someone else to store your rewards and ship them to the fulfillment center each time more is needed. All your rewards will be here in one place, saving you both time and money to focus on growing your business.

Your Backers Deserve the Best

Your backers believed in your project enough to make it happen. You should give them the professionalism and quality they deserve.

If you decide to work with i Logistics USA, you are not just paying us to do manual labor. You’re paying for knowledge and experience on how to store your rewards safely, package them beautifully and ship them out quickly. You are paying for efficiency and customer satisfaction. The faster your backers receive their rewards, the happier they’ll be and the more confidence they will have in you.

Allow us to show you the difference that we can make for your Crowdfunding business.

Trusted by some pretty stellar brands:

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I don’t want to have to ask multiple people for information or wait for reports on stock levels at various locations – and with the Inventory Placement Program, I don’t have to. Now, I can literally go into my iLogistics USA dashboard and see exactly what I want to see with a few clicks.

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