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Becoming a successful Shopify shop

Becoming a successful Shopify shop

Becoming a successful Shopify shop

Once your store is live and you’re seeing orders come through, it doesn’t mean you’re done building your business. Having a great online store that attracts the right customers is just the start. If you want to attract even more customers and create an end-to-end ecommerce experience, you’ll need to think of your online store as the hub and how other parts of your business plug into it. Here are some best practices to help you be more successful on Shopify.

  1. Get a logistics partner

Without a proper fulfillment and logistics strategy, having a great Shopify store isn’t enough. You’ll need to think through how you’re going to fulfill your orders affordably and on time. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider, such as i Logistics USA, offers a full suite of retail order fulfillment services to help support business growth.


Not all Shopify fulfillment solutions are the same, so it’s important to partner with one that focuses on all-things fulfillment and keeps the unboxing experience in mind. When sourcing the right tech-enabled 3PL service, make sure they bring the following to the table:

Order management: A 3PL can provide visibility into the entire order management process.

With i Logistics USA, you can filter orders by status and where they are in the fulfillment process. This helps you get a quick overview of all orders that require action, and manage subscription orders.

When you map your store’s shipping options to i Logistics USA, you can automatically share tracking information with customers.

Inventory management: A 3PL stores and manages inventory for you, freeing up more time to focus on other business-related tasks. For instance, i Logistics USA technology includes built-in inventory management software, plus a free data and analytic reporting tool that offers insights into demand forecasting, inventory allocation, and more.

“We built our website on Shopify, as we are very comfortable with them. Shopify and i Logistics USA work very well together. The integration and visibility of the two systems keeps everything very simple. I really like i Logistics USA dashboard. It’s our backend logistics that keeps us up-to-date on everything that’s happening.”


  1. Double-down on marketing and brand awareness

Although it’s become relatively easy to get your online store up and running, competition remains high. You’ll always want to look for ways to improve your marketing strategy and stay competitive without overspending on ads.

If certain channels are generating more sales than others, focus more time and money on them.

Instead of fully relying on paid ads, work on other unique ways to lower customer acquisition costs, from owned content and social media to retention strategies like email marketing and subscriptions boxes. The key here is to get creative.

Promoting fast and/or free shipping (e.g. adding a free shipping banner to the top of your homepage), is also a surefire way to stay competitive.

By promoting free shipping, you can attract more customers, increase average order volume (AOV), and improve customer lifetime value (CLV).

. Make your online store mobile-friendly

More than half of US-based shoppers have used a mobile device to make a purchase online. Here are a few ways to ensure your Shopify store is mobile-friendly:


  • When choosing a Shopify theme, make sure it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Minimize text on product pages.
  • Run a site speed test and find ways to improve load time.

Edit the mobile menu to make sure it’s easy to shop your store, and view your shopping cart from a smartphone.


  1.  Showcase customer reviews


Consumers don’t just want to hear what you have to say about your brand.

They want to know what other people have to say about it, too! Keep your customer reviews publicly displayed, so when a new potential customer is making a purchasing decision, they can easily view all the positive reviews related to a specific product.


Reviews not only showcase your brand loyalty but also provide shoppers with the opportunity to clear any doubts they may have about a product or service.

For instance, if an online shopper is looking for a pair of jeans, he/she/they might look at the reviews to see if the jeans run small or big.

I Logistics USA can help your Shopify store reach new heights.

i Logistics USA is a tech-enabled 3PL that easily connects to your Shopify store so you can get started with outsourcing fulfillment in no time.

Once an order is placed, it gets automatically sent to our fulfillment team, so our fulfillment experts are able to pick, pack, and ship orders quickly.

i Logistics USA offers an Amazon-like experience with fast shipping, including a 2-Day Express Shipping Program that guarantees 2-day shipping coverage for customers in the continental US.

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