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Is Your Fulfillment Company Providing You with These 4 Essential Reports?

Fulfillment company 4 essential reports

Is Your Fulfillment Company Providing You with These 4 Essential Reports?

In this day in age of fast and furious business, running an Ecommerce company, or any enterprise that involves shipping and fulfillment, requires staying on top of a laundry list of things in order to continue generating revenue and growth as a whole. Running low on inventory or making shipping mistakes should not be something that slows you down if you have a good fulfillment company that is sending you the proper reports.

Are you receiving the necessary fulfillment report to ensure every piece of the puzzle is accounted for? Things will flow a lot smoother if your business and fulfillment teams are on the same page and working cohesively.

The Top Four Essentials of a Fulfillment Report for Your Business

  1. Real Time Reports on Status & Inventory: These types of reports are called different things depending on the software the fulfillment company uses. In short, these minute-by-minute reports can be manually generated to show exactly what the client wants to see. One example is updating the client on precisely how much inventory of each specific product is accounted for, or what status certain materials are at in order to execute fulfillment.

When a report like this is automated to be sent, there is less room for error that someone didn’t make the call or send the email to notify the client.

  1. Order Information: Order fulfillment reports can vary from what is shipping, when it is being shipped, fulfillment status and other important factors that are important for the client to know. These can be manual or automated and customized in most fulfillment software’s, like All in View.

Your client will love to see these reports because most of the time, orders mean cash flow!

  1. Usage Summary: These fulfillment reports are necessary to inform the client about which products are being sold more than others and at what frequency. That way they know if they need to cut back on spending in terms of production and inventory or in best case, provide more.  The Usage Summary report is also a vital part in knowing how to be prepared for busy seasons, so you don’t come up short.
  2. Expense Report Summary: Reports like these are important so the client knows where their money is going! Keeping communication with your client about any additional expenses or maintenance will foster a positive relationship. These reports can often be based on shipping fees, packaging, or premium offers depending on what product you are selling.


A Good Fulfillment Report Will Keep Your Client Fulfilled

Updating your clients with reports likes these and other useful information directed towards their product specifically is vital to maintaining a steadily operated agency and good rapport with the client. At iLogistics USA, we practice these reports along with many more in order to provide our clients with as much information as possible for their success.

See what we can do for you by calling 1-305-909-0400 and as always, a team member will be happy to assist you. Clic Here!

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