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How to Save Time & Money with Your 3PL

Save Time & Money with Your 3PL

How to Save Time & Money with Your 3PL

It goes without saying that financial times are tough for just about every business in the current economic landscape. Managers are facing difficult decisions concerning where to cut spending while still maintaining the same level of quality and service. Outsourcing to a third-party logistics company can be a viable solution to save valuable time and money.

Technology investment

A shipping company requires costly and sophisticated technology. Logistics companies have already made the investment in this technology, as well as other necessary resources like internal IT. iLogistics USA have turnkey solutions at their disposal to support complex supply-chain challenges.

Focus on generating revenue

Since iLogistics USA already employ trained and qualified resources in the logistics industry, shipping company managers and employees can focus more on revenue generating Tasks. “Having a do it yourself” philosophy is important for those who have limited budgets. However, spending all of your time “operating” your business leaves less time for the tasks that produce revenue.

Industry experience

iLogistics USA chief focus and expertise is on supply chain management. Through working with a 3PL your company will benefit from their industry knowledge and insight. 3PLs utilize on the latest industry information and trends, providing a unique competitive advantage for companies and their customers.


iLogistics USA can reduce overall costs while delivering visibility into all modes of transportation. This will reduce overall supply-chain cycle times and allow for superior customer service.

Continuous improvement

A 3PL does far more than ship your packages. At iLogistics USA, the order management system seamlessly manages a client’s campaign while providing a real-time, 360-degree view of it all, our WMS has 24/7 tracking. iLogistics USA also works with the best shipping companies to continually improve the process.

Value, Savings & Reporting

3PLs are always focused on delivering value that will result in savings for the customer. iLogistics USA provides Multi-Channel Retail marketers access to a plethora of data and analytics that help uncover opportunities, increase performance and develop deeper insight into the campaign.


3PLs leverage the collective spending of their clients, increasing the buying power of an individual shipper. iLogistics USA can save you time and money by leveraging our carrier relationships to handle your shipments.

The benefits of partnering with a 3PL for shipping companies are endless. If you’re considering partnering with 3PL to manage your order fulfillment or shipping solutions, contact iLogistics USA today at 1-305-909-0400.

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